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UMAFS has a full range of products and services to help you succeed financially:

Investment planning

You may have the essential financial obligations covered and a good retirement plan in place. But what about additional investments? Our Wealth Management Team has the knowledge and expertise to make sure you are taking advantage of the right investments for your situation while protecting you from ones that may sap your resources. UMAFS has Certified Financial Planners who work side-by-side with you to be certain you have the best investments for your particular situation.

Retirement planning

You can expect to live longer and do more. That's why it's important to have the resources necessary to sustain the lifestyle to which you and your family have become accustomed. If you are concerned about running out of money during retirement, UMAFS will help you make sense of the many options available (e.g., pension plans, IRA, etc.) and help set you on a path to achieve your retirement goals. Our top-notch advisors provide planning options that will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your golden years.

Retirement income strategies

One of the most important services we offer physicians may be a well-structured and sustainable retirement income strategy. Considering the many methods for structuring such a strategy, this process may be overwhelming to retirees.

The risks in retirement are different from the risks an investor may have faced while accumulating retirement assets, and often a retiree needs help to understand and evaluate these differences. Our financial planner's guidance can be of great help throughout this process.

Cash management

Are you frustrated because your income stream just doesn’t seem to cover your monthly obligations, plus the little extras? Do you want an objective view on managing your monthly budget? Our experienced wealth managers will counsel you and assist you in forming a monthly plan that works for you and your family.

College funding

With the cost of college education rising at an unparalleled rate, you may be concerned about funding your children's or grandchildren's college education. UMAFS can present and explain the options (including the 529 Plan) for saving for a college education and help you achieve this worthy goal.

Insurance planning

Life insurance and disability insurance are necessities when planning for your future. Did you know that a disability is 16 times more likely than death to cause foreclosure on a home? UMAFS provides intelligent choices for the type of insurance, coverage amount, and provider, so you get this essential protection for your family. Our experts can guide you through all of the different choices and help you select the right policy to give you peace of mind. UMA members also receive a 10% discount on individual disability insurance policies underwritten by The Standard. If you’re already covered, we can take a look at your current coverage (free of charge) to ensure you have the right type and amount.

Estate preservation

You've worked hard to build a successful practice and solid financial foundation. Don't risk losing a significant percentage of your assets to estate taxes. UMAFS will assist you in developing an up-to-date estate plan in cooperation with a qualified estate-planning attorney.

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