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UMAFS Market Review September 23, 2016

Last week’s headlines were largely dominated by central bank decisions from around the globe. First, the Bank of Japan expressed some concern surrounding the flatness of their yield curve and would instead prefer a higher 10 year rate. However, many economists remain hesitant as to whether Japan will be able to successfully manipulate rates and achieve their desired outcome.

Next, the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) decided to omit a rate increase in September, instead leaving the door open for yearend. The market’s reaction to the Fed’s announcement was minimal, as most still anticipated a delayed decision to future rate changes.

Finally, as we head into the 4th quarter, growth of U.S. stocks will likely depend on companies’ continued ability to post strong quarterly earnings. While our economy continues to show signs of strength, pressure for positive earnings will likely continue to separate quality companies from the rest of the pack.

September 27th, 2016 @ 12:00am by UMAFS
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