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THE DAY AFTER VALENTINE’S Day of 2011 started out like any other. Little did I know, upon waking, how much the events of that day would change the rest of my life.

Shortly after arriving to work, I lost consciousness as a blood clot interrupted the blood flow to the majority of the left side of my brain, causing a stroke. After I regained consciousness, I found myself scared, confused, blinded in one eye and without much of the use of one side of my body.

As I laid in the emergency room, listening to the skilled neurologist explain to my wife the risks of the surgery required to save my life, my thoughts turned from fear for myself to concern for what this could potentially mean for my family. It was there on the table that I realized the true importance of financial planning in my own life. It was there that I first felt peace in knowing whatever the outcome, my loved ones would be financially secure and protected. No one knows what each day will bring, but you can plan for the unexpected.

After a successful surgery and thankful to excellent medical care, the clot was removed and blood flow restored. Over the days and months that followed, I began to heal physically and mentally. This time of recovery also offered me the opportunity for much reflection.

In some ways financial planning is much like planning a dream vacation. While there are many resources available today to help, the process can easily appear daunting, confusing and time consuming. However, it doesn't have to be.

Like a vacation, once you decide where you would like to go and when you would like to get there, you must start to plan details to make it happen. Details such as: Who's going with you? How will you get to the destination? Will you rush to get there or enjoy the journey along the way? What will you do when you get there? How long will you stay? Where will you eat,
sleep? What should you pack and take with you? How much will it cost?

Once you have considered and planned all of the revenant details, you are just about ready. However, you must also build in some flexibility to adjust the plan along the way. Even the most carefully planned trips will include some unexpected challenges such as delayed flights, poor weather, or the discovery that the online pictures and reviews portrayed so much more that you actually found upon arrival!

Yet, even with all the challenges of a vacation, most can't wait to go again and all too often start planning the next trip before the current one ends.

For many, financial planning can also initially appear daunting, however procrastination is not a viable solution. Over the last two decades, in which I have had the opportunity to help physicians and their families plan their financial travels, I have seen some great examples of people happily achieving their goals.

However, I have also been contacted and met with families where the outcome was not as fortunate as they had hoped. Oftentimes, they are left picking up the unfortunate pieces of what's left as they try to figure out what this now means for the rest of their lives. What's even more sad is how even just a little planning ahead of time could have made dealing with such tragedies so much easier.

As one who has greatly benefited from excellent medical care in my own life, thank you for all you do for your patients daily! In that same spirit of preparation and attention to detail, take some time to also apply that dedication to your finances as well! As such, there is no time like the present! Make this the time that you establish or review your financial travel plan. We are here to help and happy to do so. Please call us today at 801-747-0800 to schedule an appointment to review and plan your road ahead.

February 10th, 2016 @ 12:00am by Jeff
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