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Market Review - Week Ending 9/22/2017

The Federal Reserve met this last week and discussed the idea of raising interest rates. As expected, the decision was made to leave rates as is, for the time being. It is believed that one of the biggest driving factors in the decision was the lack of inflation being seen in the US economy. The Fed has a goal of 2% inflation, year over year, and recently the numbers have been coming in slightly below that goal. Their wording suggested that the door would be left open for a potential December rate increase if inflation continues to grow as hoped. 

Shifting to Europe, Germany’s federal election was held on Sunday with Angela Merkel being elected to her fourth term as Chancellor. This will give Merkel four more years of influence in both the German and European economies. 

Looking back at the US, this coming week will be the Republican Party’s last chance to pass healthcare reform in legislation. This is due to the government’s new fiscal year starting Oct 1. After this week, it is anticipated that talks will quickly shift to tax reform.

September 25th, 2017 @ 12:00am by UMAFS
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