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Market Review, Week Ending May 12, 2017

This past week U.S. Stocks continued their trend of low volatility trading.  In fact, the VIX index, also known as the “volatility index,” fell to the lowest level since the pre-financial crisis.  Some of the low VIX  level was due to recent data indicating that the April jobs numbers lowered the unemployment rate to 4.4%.  This number is a 10-year low and is now lower than it was at any point from March 1970 to March 1998.  

Also, earnings reports for Q1 continue to show strong results for U.S. companies, but even stronger results for many foreign countries.  Countries in Europe, Emerging Markets, and even Japan are showing very strong signs of growth.  Much of this is due to relaxed foreign monetary policy and strong economic data.

Furthermore, the US CPI, consumer price index, continues to reflect that inflation is weak for the second month in a row and will likely play into the Fed’s decision to raise rates during their June meeting.  

May 15th, 2017 @ 12:00am by UMAFS
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