UMAFS Difference

Investing in your financial health

One of the most valuable benefits the Utah Medical Association offers its members is UMA Financial Services, Inc. (UMAFS). The primary objective of UMAFS is to assist physicians in achieving their personal financial goals. 

UMA members receive consultations and financial analyses at no cost

We provide UMA member physicians with retirement, investment, education funding, insurance and estate planning services. These services are provided by full-time financial advisors who, because they receive a salary, are not motivated by commissions.

This year, UMAFS will complete its 24th year of operations, having served over 1,800 UMA member physicians. As of the end of 2016, the company had approximately $652 million in assets under management. This dollar figure is increasing at about $4 million per month.

Organized by physicians for physicians

UMAFS is truly physician owned. It was organized at the direction of the UMA House of Delegates and has an impressive Board of Directors. Six of the ten directors are physicians, including past presidents of the Utah Medical Association. Four directors are non-physicians, including two who are experienced business and government leaders, and one who is an experienced investment counselor.

To learn more, visit our Financial Planning Process and UMAFS Investment Philosophy sections of our website.