Board of Directors

Organized by physicians for physicians

UMAFS was created with the sole purpose of safely and effectively preserving and growing the wealth of Utah physicians. It was created for physicians by physicians with board oversight providing complete accountability and fee transparency in all transactions.

The UMAFS was organized at the direction of the Utah Medical Association (UMA) House of Delegates and is directed by a physician-dominated Board of Directors.

Utah Medical Association

UMAFS Board of Directors:

  • John C. Bailey, M.D.
  • Paul N. Clayton, M.D.
  • William Hamilton, M.D., Vice Chair
  • Elizabeth F. Howell, M.D.
  • Nicole D. Jeffreys, M.D.
  • Michelle McOmber, MBA, CAE
  • Steven K. Miller, M.D., Chair
  • J. Leon Sorenson, MPA
  • Mark T. Woodruff, MBA, CFP®
  • Jeffrey D. Zesiger, MS, CFP®